Happenings: an itinerant format of curated multi-disciplinary events, dynamic collaborations and a collective of experts from different industries. 

Our growing reliance on digital interactions has left many of us pining for more personalised human experiences, fuelling an increased need for more purposeful face-to-face connections. These connections are being actualised in niche communities interested in creating something new of their own, together.
We bring together a community of teachers, seekers, and makers around the globe. With an open-mind and curiosity for new experiences, our community values quality, culture and slow living as new parameters for luxury.
Osmo community members are seeking and proactively carving out space to discover, experience and curate their own rituals around leisure.We bring events to life partnering with brands that see in OSMO’s happenings an intimate format to reach new audiences in authentic ways, while contextualising themselves in experience and lifestyle.